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Build equity and passive income by investing in real estate and businesses.

Take control of your finances by diversifying your investment plan through crowdsourced funding. We present vetted and fully formed investment opportunities to our members that start at as little as $5000. Browse our database of investments to find unique financial opportunities in real estate, business start-ups, and more.


We work with our members to find investments that are aligned with their unique financial plan.

Real Estate

We carefully curate high growth real estate investments in hot markets to bring to you exclusive options that match your investment strategy. Have the safety and stability of a real estate investment without active involvement.


Our research team actively seeks and develops start-ups. From seed round to series A funding, we provide the opportunity for our members to purchase significant equity in innovative ventures.

Investment Portfolio

A history of lucrative investments.

With real estate holdings across the country, has a considerable track record of identifying strong investments. The selected properties below represent just a portion of some of our successful assets.

About Us

Learn About our Team & Culture. was concieved by Grant Powell in 2014. He sought to create an online venture group where members could share equity in multiple assets. The goal was to provide a service where members could make investments in strong stable marketplaces like real estate without making huge financial commitments. He expanded the original scope of strictly serving real estate investments to include start-ups, which offer investors high ceiling investments that aren't open to the public.

Experts in Real Estate focuses on providing our membership with premier investment opportunities. Our team researches and analyzes the real estate market to stay on top of trending and untapped markets. We work with a statewide network of real estate agents and investors who bring us exclusive unlisted opportunities.

Experts in Start-ups

CEO of, Grant Powell has over a decade of experience in the tech industry. Grant has partnered with some of the most notable brands in the world including Google, Spotify, Porsche, Dow Jones & Company, Dun & Bradstreet, and more. He's built and maintained lasting relationships with tech entrepreneurs across the globe. His expertise in the tech industry makes him an expert in identifying and building start-ups.

Grant Powell

Grant Powell

Grant Powell is the founder of multiple tech start-ups and CEO of the digital ad agency Pomegranate/Powell Digital. He's an experienced real estate investor with properties across the United States. He is also an avid numismatist and rare coins dealer, and founder of the Numismatic Database.

Business Management
Thomas Dillon

Thomas Dillon

Thomas Dillon has extensive experience in business operations and property management. He has worked for start-ups in both the staffing industry and the digital ad market place. He has been responsible for financial modeling, long-term business operations, real-estate management, and hiring and managing staff.

Real Estate Expert
Levi Powell

Levi Powell

Levi Powell is a California native with a decade of experience of building custom homes and apartment buildings. He owns and operates a contracting company in the Malibu area.

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.


The key to a successful network operation is to provide high quality services.

We offer our members exclusive access to daily investment opportunities. Our team researches every lead that comes our way and only present the offers we deem best to our members.


Our team of researchers conduct market research in many emerging property markets. We follow the market closely to identify highest yielding properties. We believe in making informed decisions based on statistical analysis for every opportunity we present to members.


Whether it be in the real estate market or the tech world, we make it our highest priority to only bring you the best investments. We want our members to be more than just members of but a community of forward thinking investors all working towards the common goal of crowdfunding.


After a project is funded our property management team starts working on behalf of the investors. They enact the plan outlined during the funding stage which often includes remodels or renting out the property. Our management team is full-service so investors can maintain a hand off approach.

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